Strong Hearts: An Indigenous Love Letter To My Sons

An award winning short film by actor, writer and director Gary “Litefoot” Davis (Cherokee Nation), overflows with a father’s wisdom and indigenous world view, poetically expressed as a love letter to his three sons.

Thunder Dreamer

The Story of Crazy Horse: an Indigenous icon known the world over.

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’Strong Hearts’, an award-winning short film by actor, writer and director, Gary “Litefoot” Davis, is filled with a father’s wisdom and indigenous world view, poetically expressed as a letter to his three sons. The title of the film is inspired by the legendary Oglala Lakota Chief, Crazy Horse. On June 25, 1876, General George Armstrong Custer’s U.S.  7th Calvary attacked Crazy Horse and his people in what would become known as the battle of the Little Big Horn. That day Crazy Horse implored his warriors to fight for their way of life and exhorted them to action by saying, “Strong hearts to the front, weak hearts and cowards to the rear. Today is a good day to fight for your people. Today is a good day to die for your people.” Crazy Horse’s passionate rallying call to his warriors strikes at the heart of this intimate short documentary film. Through raw vulnerable narration delivered over evocative music, a message of strength, beauty and power emanates with love from an indigenous father to his three sons. The young men are reminded of the struggle of their indigenous ancestors, encouraged to fight for their purpose in life, hold close to their cultural teachings and to not let the world define them. Filmed on location at various battlefields between Crazy Horse and the U.S. military, and at the actual location where he was murdered, historical happenings become the perfect classroom for teaching lessons of strength, gratitude, humility and love. The films messages emanate with the love of an indigenous father speaking truth to power upon his three sons.

“A Lush, Powerful and Poetic doc creatively taking the form of a letter imparting a father’s wisdom to his sons from an indigenous world view. A Raw and Vulnerable account of history… set against Sweeping Backdrops with Evocative Music.

– Impact DOCS Awards

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