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IndigiStudios is a 100% owned and operated indigenous film and production company, focused on a slate of theatrical, episodic, and documentary projects, all centered around the company’s mission of reclaiming the indigenous narrative in film and television. Beyond dramas, we will strive to tell fun and fantastical stories, aspiring to create impactful films in every genre – from action to romance to documentaries and  comedy.

Indigenous people are, and have always been, storytellers.

We are building bridges for indigenous people through the art of storytelling and in the process reclaiming the inaccurate spoken and written account of connected events related to indigenous history in the United States.

Through our films we wish to coalesce an ever-growing global community in solidarity and partnership with Indian Country to advance indigenous truths and eliminate the falsehoods which have plagued indigenous people since the onset of colonization.

What is personal, is universal.

We aspire to utilize our proficiencies in filmmaking to make an impact globally. We believe that by sharing and expressing indigeneity cinematically, we will subsequently touch the spirit of people universally.

Importantly, we hope our work will serve to embolden the spirit and strengthen the resiliency of our future generations, so that they are empowered to be unwavering and fierce in their endeavors and live unashamed as indigenous people who each have a purpose on this earth.

It is a good day to be indigenous!

The oral traditions of our indigenous people will live on through each of our projects. By telling an array of stories from an indigenous perspective we are advancing our truths, preserving our values, building a global community and reclaiming the indigenous narrative – one film at a time.


Gary "Litefoot" Davis (Cherokee Nation)

Gary “Litefoot” Davis, an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, has been a notable figure in Indian Country for over 30 years and is co-founder and President of IndigiStudios.

Mr. Davis recently wrote and directed the first project released by IndigiStudios, the award-winning documentary short film, Strong Hearts: An Indigenous Love Letter To My Sons. Strong Hearts is the first of several projects Mr. Davis will be involved in developing as either a writer, director and/or producer.

First recognized for his considerable achievements in music, film and television with eight award winning albums, as well as award-winning starring roles in such films as, The Indian in The Cupboard (Paramount Pictures) and appearances on television programs such as, House of Cards (Netflix) and numerous inspirational concert tours which have taken him to nearly every tribal nation in the United States.

Davis has most recently provided his voice acting talents to various characters for Spirit Rangers, an indigenous children’s cartoon series for Netflix.

In addition to his pursuits in the arts, Mr. Davis has served as the chief executive officer at prominent national tribal economic development organizations, is a member of the Forbes Finance Council and is a seasoned entrepreneur. Mr. Davis started his very first business in 1992. In 2007, his ascension in national tribal economic development began when he became Vice-President of U.S. Native Affairs for the Triple Five Group (owners of the Mall of America) and co-chair of the National Indian Gaming Association’s, American Indian Business Network. He has since helmed the largest annual gathering of tribal and indigenous entrepreneurs, operated multiple federal programs, and led initiatives related to business and entrepreneurship across Indian Country.

He has twice testified before the U.S. Senate and is astute at policy matters related to Indian Country. He is a relentless advocate for tribal sovereignty and has considerable experience building bridges on Capitol Hill. His effectiveness in working with federal agencies to advance business in Indian Country has been substantiated by his twice being appointed an ambassador for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Minorities in Energy (2015) and Equity in Energy (2020) initiatives as well as his appointment to the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Council on Underserved Communities (2016).

He is an accomplished international public speaker having delivered the featured keynote speech at the World Indigenous Business Forum in Guatemala City, Guatemala and remarks at Hannover Messe, the world’s largest trade fair for industrial technology, in Hannover, Germany.

Mr. Davis is a recipient of the prestigious Sevenstar Award from the Cherokee Nation Historical Society and received the Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency National Director Special Recognition Award in 2015. Mr. Davis was also recognized by Scholastic Books in their publication “Native American Heroes” in 2019.

Carmen Davis (Chippewa Cree, Makah & Yakama)

Carmen Davis, an enrolled member of the Makah Nation and also of the Chippewa Cree and Yakama Tribes, has over 24 years of service to Indian Country and is co-founder and Vice President of IndigiStudios.

Mrs. Davis oversees the daily operations of IndigiStudios and manages its production slate. No stranger to massive productions, she coordinated and managed all aspects of the multi faceted, “Reach the Rez” project – which still stands as the single largest national effort of outreach aimed at positively impacting Indian Country. The Reach the Rez effort began in 2005 and traveled 54,000 miles in its first year; successfully providing motivational and inspirational programs to over 200 indigenous communities in its first year alone.

As an entrepreneur she has successfully established, operated, managed and grown several businesses in multiple sectors. She is equal parts a strategic visionary and behind-the-scenes implementor, essential in guiding and overseeing every process of brand development, business expansion, nation-to-nation relationship building and more.

She was named in 2009 as one of the first recipients of the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development’s prestigious, “40 Under 40” award which recognizes up and coming community and business leaders from across Indian Country.

Mrs. Davis is also the founder, publisher and executive editor of the only Native American owned and operated national tribal business publication, Native Business, and the producer of its Native Business Summit.

She has helped to facilitate multiple strategic partnerships between tribal entities and corporations, participated on international tribal business delegations abroad and proudly raised over $1.3 million dollars philanthropically for outreach to tribal communities. She is continuously committed to leading initiatives that have a positive and lasting impact on Native communities across North America.

A highly regarded keynote speaker in Indian Country, Carmen has delivered speeches on tribal, corporate and event stages ranging from PNC Bank to the Navajo Nation to the “Native Women’s Business Summit”.

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